Boise, Idaho

COVID-19 Massage Cleanliness Procedures

For the duration of the pandemic, I have decided to double down on my cleaning protocols for the safety and confidence of my clients.

How I Clean My Massage Table

This is a dramatic recreation of my landry room.

My massage table is the most frequently used tool among my massage arsenal if fact I use it for just about every massage! After every massage, when a client leaves, I remove the dirty linens and place them in the hamper.

Using disinfectant wipes, I clean the face cradle pillow and frame, killing any possible bacteria or germs. I also wipe down the doorhandles, lightswitch, coat hooks and table to make sure that no virus can contaminate the next client. Lastly, I re-dress the table with a fresh change of sheets. I make sure to wash my sheets with regular detergent or bleach if needed.

Although the table never comes into direct contact with anyone’s body, I believe thoroughness is of paramount importance for the health of my clients.

Cleaning My Additional Massage Gear.

I wash my tools of the trade like I am being paid to, because I am.

For my hot stones, cupping cups, and massage gun, I always use similar practices. Hot stones usually become slick with the cream used, so they require soapy hot water for cleaning, followed by a final rinse.

I give a thorough wipe-down to the cleaning cups and massage gun with disinfectant wipes, spending extra time in the nooks and crevices as these tools come in direct contact with the client’s skin. These consistent practices remove any germs that clients may have unwittingly brought into my holy temple (aka the massage room).

Interpersonal cleanliness.

Maybe not quite this much.

I perform a full surgeon scrub before and in-between my sessions for the day. This involves washing with soap up to my elbows, forearms, backs of hands, in the finger webbing and even under the fingernails.

In addition to the above, as a testament to the safety of my clients, I plan to wear a facemask during the entire massage. I recommend that all clients wear a facemask themselves and use the hand sanitizer which is readily available upon the client table within the massage room.

I believe only the best and cleanest is worth the time of my clients and I endeavor to always do my best to help them relax.

See you soon!

If you are still concerned and want to ask questions or are happy with these precautions and would like to book an appointment, please text me at (208) 254-1982 or email me at [email protected]

About Eric:

Eric has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2010. He is an expert healer with an alternative approach, and he is dedicated to helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible. Now he coaches bodyworkers and health solopreneurs in their journey to fulfillment. Join expert therapists and experience massage community with his Facebook group: The Happy, Successful Massage Therapist.