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Coronavirus Update: Should I get a massage?

How massage can boost your immune system during this time of sickness and panic.

Need a good immune system booster that will give you the edge in fending off the flu and coronavirus? Massages are much more helpful in preventing you from getting sick than gargling vinegar or buying toilet paper.

Protect your body

White bloods cells help your body ward off infection.

Studies have shown that persons who have received massage therapy have more lymphocytes in their blood than before the massage. Lymphocytes are a subtype of white blood cells consisting of T cells, B cells, and natural killer cells.

These T and B cells identify and eliminate bacteria and viruses which plague humans and are our number one predators in the modern age. Natural killer cells are our bodies’ first line of defense against infections and tumors. (Read more about Lymphocytes on Wikipedia) This means that you stand less at risk of getting sick and will be prone to recover faster if your immune cells are healthy.

The benefits of massage, reduced stress and increased white blood cells, could together help your body fend off any potential attacks to its immune system. 

Decrease stress

Massages can help you become happier.
Massages have been shown to decrease depression and increase happiness.

This wave of coronavirus sickness sweeping our planet is definitely causing a lot of stress and worry among everyone. How long will the economy be affected? What will happen to our jobs? When will things get back to normal?

Experts say that increased and unmanaged stress puts your immune system at risk. Stress is the leading cause of depression and increases heart attack risk, neither of which you need right now.

The physical effects of a massage upon a stressful individual are vast and diverse. The perks include such things as:

  • Decreasing blood pressure to healthy levels.
  • Removing harmful toxins from your muscles and tissue.
  • Improving and tightening skin tone.
  • Increased energy levels and focus.
  • Better and deeper rest at night.

An Important Note to Take

Casey White
  • One-on-one contact such as massage poses minimal risk and exposure.
  • Besides the normal surgeon-scrub up-to-the-elbows wash before and after each appointment, I also use sanitized wipes on all surfaces and doorknobs between every client.
  • Hand sanitizer is used after touching the feet and hands and is freely available for use by clients after or during the session.

You should not get a massage if you are sick. Practice social distancing while under the weather and take time to get better. A massage helps your body PREVENT sickness not help your FIGHT sickness. If you become sick before a scheduled massage, I highly recommend contacting me to reschedule for when you are feeling well.

About Eric:

Eric has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2010. He is an expert healer with an alternative approach, and he is dedicated to helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible. Now he coaches bodyworkers and health solopreneurs in their journey to fulfillment. Join expert therapists and experience massage community with his Facebook group: The Happy, Successful Massage Therapist.