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The Importance of Exercise in a Healthy Lifestyle

Most professionals recommend about two and a half hours of exercise at the minimum spread out over the course of one week.

Exercising is the keystone to living a fulfilled life. Active movement provides benefits such as controlling your body fat ratio, increasing your passive energy levels, helping you sleep better, supplying dopamine and decreasing your chance of a myriad of potential health issues!

The short-term benefits of exercising.

As a massage therapist, I always recommend people get enough exercise.
Jogging on stairs is a great way to trim up that booty!

When you get tired from exercising your brain tells your body to store a little more energy in the future so that you won’t get tired as quickly, and over the course of weeks of exercise, you will have significantly increased your passive energy levels. Getting tired from exercise provides you with another benefit, better sleep! Even a quick workout every day can encourage better sleep patterns as well as give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of your day. When you exercise, your brain produces dopamine, which is a key chemical component in making you feel happy.

The long-term benefits of exercising.

Remember to stretch before a run!
Remember to stretch before a run!

Exercising isn’t all about your body feeling good though, it also helps defend against developing type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis and many more! That doesn’t even include the inundating amount of research from experts supporting the fact that exercise makes you less likely to get sick.

How much should you exercise?

Most professionals recommend about two and a half hours of exercise at the minimum, spread out over the course of one week. That would only have to be 30 minutes of getting your heart rate up five days of each week. Of course, exercise responsibly. If you have heart conditions or asthma you may want to consult with an expert so find out how must exercise is good for you and remember to hydrate.

So, take a bike ride around the neighborhood, plan on a few laps in the pool or visit a park for a walk! It not only is a great change of pace, but it is also good for you!

Every day I do yoga, get some cardio and weight-lifting in. This provides me with a clear head for work problems and allows me to set an intention for the day.

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