Cupping Therapy Benefits

Cupping is a therapy that has been used in ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures for over 3,000 years. The original cupping was done with glass cups and fire which were prone to burning the client. At my studio, I combine massage with the updated, safer method of using a pressure seal to create suction with silicone cups.

Relieve tension and tight muscles, stimulate energy and blood flow and boost the immune system.

MassagEric Cupping Therapy Benefits - cups
Cupping therapy at my studio


Cupping is a therapy in which a clear bell-shaped silicone piece is attached to your skin surface with suction. This creates a negative pressure that separates tissue layers and flushes out fluids that have built up in your body.

There is a great variety of jars, but the commonly used clinically are silicone or glass cups. Generally, the cup is in place for five-ten minutes. The skin underneath can become red or bruised. This is normal and indicates that the cup is working and in a great spot.


The cupping method warms and promotes the flow of Qi and blood in your body’s meridians, clear out stagnate blood or lactic acid build-up, as well as diminishing swelling and pain.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the cupping method is used to treat symptoms known as “wind dampness”, which involved pain in the low back, shoulders, and legs. It is also widely thought to help with gastrointestinal disorders such as stomachache, vomiting, diarrhea, along with typical lung diseases such as cough and asthma.


You should not get cupping if you are susceptible to spontaneous bleeding or endless bleeding after trauma.

If you have any skin ulcers, edemas areas with large overlying blood vessels or have a high fever, you should not get cupping. In fact, you should probably go see a doctor.

Pregnant women should not be cupped on their abdominal and sacral regions. The baby does not need this kind of pressure while it’s trying to grow.


After cupping, there normally should be red markings or bruises on the area where the cup was placed. Generally, these marks will disappear several days later. If you had fire cupping, small blisters may occur on the skin due to the heat.

Do not expose this area to hot water if you are taking a shower, etc afterward. Clean the area and do not scratch it if it itches.

That’s all! If you would like to try out cupping therapy, just text me at (208) 254-1982, book a massage and ask specifically for cupping! I include it free of charge, along with hot stones, reflexology and essential oils (upon request).

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