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5 Different Types of Massage to Experience

You might be confused with all of the specialized services that massage therapists offer. By having knowledge about the different modalities, you can, as a client, choose a practitioner who really knows what they’re doing.

1.     Deep Tissue

An image of a woman receving a massage

One of the most common requests my therapists at MassagEric get from new clients is for deep tissue because they can “handle a lot of pressure”. Many massage therapists, both beginner, and veteran, also hold this erroneous view that more pressure = better massage, and that any situation just needs a good pain tolerance and some elbow grease.

My guys at MassagEric give the perfect amount of pressure that your muscles and body need. They use intuitive judgment and perception to understand where your body is currently at and what it can handle.

2.     Thai

Thai Map of Thailand with Cambodia.
It may surprise you to learn that the Thai style of massage originates from Thailand…

Another massage that is rising in popularity is Thai. Here at MassagEric, we are one of the only businesses in the entire Idaho Treasure Valley to do Thai massage, including in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Caldwell Kuna, and Garden City.

Although it might look like an odd form of yoga, a Thai massage is much more with the therapist guiding the client into each of the positions, applying pressure in key areas to maximize relief, and helping the client into positions that they might not otherwise be able to get into unassisted. Thai massages are known for increasing the function of your immune system and helping with headaches, migraines, anxiety, and back pain.

3.     Hot Stone Therapy

An image of hot stones
Hot stones are pretty toasty. Watch out.

Hot stone massage probably originated from massage therapists getting bored and seeing what they could use to massage their clients besides their own appendages. A hot stone massage is traditionally believed to increase your appetite, give you better posture, and increase the rate in which your body recovers from injury. Although there is no real evidence to back up those aforementioned claims, a hot stone massage does still increase the benefits of a massage if not also providing an interesting diversion from the norm.

4.     Lymphatic

An image of hospital beds
These are not massage beds, however, people whom you perform a lymphatic massage on will be familiar with them.

Used in the treatment of lymphedema, a lymphatic massage is used to help drain buildups of fluid after a mastectomy or other surgeries that call for the removal of the lymph nodes. Lymphatic massages have been linked with helping post-op clients with

  • Stress levels.
  • The vitality of their skin
  • Their immune system.

A lymphatic massage does not need to be performed on a client that has no medical need for it.

5.     Sports

An image of runners on a track
You don’t have to be a depressed robot if you don’t want to be.

Another great massage to beef out your repertoire, sports massages are used before or after events by athletes, professionals, and aspiring amateurs. An advanced form of stretching, sports massage can help reduce the likelihood of injury and help you recover from your sporty exertions. There are ties with sports massages and a better range of motion, a reduction in muscle tension and spasms. Although there are many other claimed benefits to sports massages a good many have no real evidence backing them, so be careful what you advertise to your clients.


Trying all of these massages should be a smooth and relaxing process. Feel free to book online with us at to try out all of the above modalities.

Written in Boise, Idaho. We serve the Meridian, Kuna, Eagle, Nampa, and Caldwell districts as well.

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